Why September is the best month to put your house on the market

News at Beech Property | 06/09/2017

Why September is the best month to put your house on the market


Recently I carried out a Facebook live session in our offices and talked about ‘Why September is The Best Time to put your house on the market’  And if you missed that then I thought I would write a quick blog to remind everyone the reasons why we think this is true…


So all week our phones have been ringing off the hook with people interested in valuations for property, one of our new recruits asked me why all of a sudden the phone had gone mental… I explained that it was the month of SEPTEMBER – he was absolutely dumbstruck and actually asked me what I was going on about… it was that much of a topic in the office that we mentioned it in our morning meeting and had some team talks about it…


Basically my theory is this


The beginning of September sparks a number of endings and beginnings… Firstly let’s talk about the ending and the ending we are talking about is the end of SUMMER – this is a very important time for families they get to spend time together playing, laughing and generally having fun, they also have the most important ingredient and that is TIME – this is the most precious commodity that we have, we spend endless days working, running after children and keeping up with family commitments and engagements we forget about time, time to think, time to plan and time to discuss our futures. On holiday people talk and talking is the first step that leads to major decisions. There is no greater decision that a family makes than where to live. The home is the heart of the family, it is a very important place, it is where we make our memories, and it is where we find peace, love and build our family unit. Our home needs to have the following things to work for us, it needs to be in the right area, it needs to comfortably fit you all in and it needs to have the right flow to it that makes a house a home. Families are made up of varying different people and our priorities change as we develop and grow, it also changes as our families decrease and downsizing starts to take place. These changes and important decisions are made as a group and there are usually deciding factors or changes in circumstances that help us make these decisions.


In September families have finished the holidays and they suddenly cast their mind to future family times and the next biggest one round the corner is Xmas. We think about what happened on previous Christmas times, we talk about ‘did we have enough space round the Christmas dining table?’ Did we have enough bedrooms when our family came to stay, we may also think ‘Do we need all this room for just two people’ Christmas is important and usually people who are putting their home on the market have Christmas firmly in their sight for a good time to be in their new home for… ‘In for Christmas’ is always a goal at this time of year.


Another deciding factor that happens is that children are returning to school after the summer holiday, there may be parents who have children in varying different stages of their education who now have to look quite carefully at catchment areas. Catchment areas for schools are really important and the fight for that all important place of your desired school for your child is both stressful and in some cases harrowing. The competition for the right catchment area is immense and schools are always top of people concern when looking to relocate into a new area. How have they compared in Ofsted reports, what class sizes are there, do they have the right curriculum for your child, are various different specialised subjects catered for, all these things go through the minds of parents on a day to day basis.


The other issue that happens is that we find that sometimes property is best to be re-advertised in September, maybe you have had your property on the market early in the summer but it has not performed as well as you expected, maybe you are wondering why this is… there are many factors but one that is always evident when we investigate is that you are not usually marketing your property to the best of its potential and to the whole of the market…. As people are not always in the right frame of mind to move in the summer months.


So if you have been considering looking to move your family please do not hesitate to contact me in our office, I would be delighted to have a chat with you informally about your property needs and most importantly the next step in your life……


Alison Jones