Should I conduct my own house viewings?

News at Beech Property | 22/08/2017

Are you thinking of selling your property? Are you wondering who should do the viewings? Who is the best person to do viewings? Should an estate agent do all the viewings? Should you do your own viewings? Why is an estate agent better at viewings?

Viewings are vital! They are not to be taken with a pinch of salt. Viewings are the key to selling your house. If your property is currently on the market, or you are thinking of selling in the near future, you may be wondering who will conduct viewings best. You may be considering doing your own viewings, after all, you know your house better than anyone, right? We would ask that you to read on to understand who is the better option and why…

In our opinion, it is ALWAYS best to let your agent conduct your viewings. Here are the reasons why: -

    • Your agent will arrive early and stage your home for the viewing:

      A good estate agent knows exactly what sells houses. They will arrive at your property early and will carefully prepare and stage your home ready for the viewing. They will turn on lamps and switch on any downlighters or halogens in the kitchen and bathroom. They will take time to plump up cushions and rearrange any objects or ornaments to maximise impact. They will ensure all curtains and blinds are fully open to make the most of the natural daylight. They will light candles (with your approval), and ensure your house is shown off to its best. They are experts at selling property, after all.

    • Your agent will notice things that you might not

      Your estate agent can see your property through ‘fresh eyes’ and can cleverly pick out the strengths and weaknesses. You, on the other hand, live in your house and see it every day – you, as the home owner, are more prone to overseeing important selling features, or giving a bit too much information away about irrelevant points in an attempt to keep conversation going. Your agent knows exactly how to pitch the conversation and will give just enough information to wet their appetite.

    • Viewers feel more relaxed and comfortable

      If viewers feel more relaxed and take their time viewing, they are more likely to bond with the property and won’t feel rushed from one room to another. If a home owner conducts viewings, the viewers can feel a little on edge; being in someone’s home and judging it is not easy. Your agent will make them feel comfortable and they are more likely to give open and honest feedback.

    • Any objections the viewers raise can be immediately overcome

      As your viewers walk round your property, they are bound to come up with questions and objections. The agent can deal with these queries immediately, ensuring that your viewers leave with all their objections answered. If the home owner conducts their own viewings, the viewers may not feel comfortable raising problems as they will worry about insulting someone. An example of this might be that they notice a damp wall – the agent can immediately put their mind at rest and give them an idea of a rough cost for the work. The agent can offer achievable solutions as they are not emotionally involved in the home. Viewers will not share their concerns and worries with a home owner.

    • Selling property is what an estate agent does

      Your estate agent knows exactly how to sell your property and exactly how much information they need to give away, without overloading the viewers. The viewers also need time and space to view the property without interruption, allowing them to make an emotional connection with your home. Females, in particular, need to bond with the property and may even want to wander around alone. They are often the ‘boss’ when it comes to choosing a house. Overloading viewers with too much detail can put them off; your agent knows exactly how to pitch this right.

    • Important information about the viewers can be extracted by your agent

      Your agent will be able to extract important information from your viewers, for example, how long they have been looking for a property, what they have viewed previously, what their buying position is and what exactly they are looking for. They may divulge information about why previous properties have been ruled out, or why they are moving home. This all helps the agent to build up a picture of their needs and the agent can then overcome any worries or objections before they leave the viewing.

    • Your agent knows the best route around your home

      An agent will always start the viewing with the best downstairs room, and end the viewing in the same room (the ‘wow’ room) to ensure the house is shown at its absolute best. This way, the viewers will remember the best room in the house when they leave. There are other tricks and tips that your agent will use too, for example, showing the smallest bedroom first so it doesn’t seem even smaller (after seeing the master).

    • Estate agents are ‘people’ people!

      A good estate agent will be a friendly, professional and honest person who is used to building positive relationships with others, and making them feel comfortable. They will immediately make your viewers feel at ease. Choose your agent wisely and don’t go for a pushy, over-bearing personality, after all, people buy people! It’s worth paying more for a reputable, professional and highly recommended agent.

Leave your viewings to the experts!

Have you conducted your own viewings? What was the outcome? Do you think estate agents are better? Why? We would love to hear your views and opinions on this topic.

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